We are able to order and collect prescriptions from the local Brentford Health Centre, which includes the following doctors surgeries:

Brentford Group Practice
The Albany Practice
Brentford Family Practice


If you are a patient at any of the above doctors surgeries and would like to collect your prescriptions at our pharmacy, the simplest way is to ask your doctors surgery to send your prescriptions to Brent Pharmacy going forwards.


Alternatively, you can sign our consent form and that will allow us to collect your prescription from any of the doctors surgeries at Brentford Health Centre on your behalf.



Ordering Prescriptions

There are two main ways of requesting repeat medications:


  • Tick items you need on your repeat slip and either take to the doctors surgery or the pharmacy
  • Request your medications online on your doctors surgery website.


If you would like to collect your medication from us, please ensure the doctors surgery are informed that Brent Pharmacy is your chosen pharmacy in order for us to automatically receive your prescriptions once they are ready at the surgery.


Please allow two working days for the surgery and pharmacy to process your medication request.



Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service is a new convenient way of transferring prescriptions from a doctors surgery to a pharmacy. A prescription is sent electronically to a patient's "nominated" pharmacy as opposed to having to physically collect a standard NHS paper prescription.


One of the main benefits is the ability to use a system called electronic repeat dispensing, for patients who are on regular repeat medicines. Once approved by the GP, the pharmacy will be able to dispense the patient's medication at monthly or two-monthly intervals, without the need for the patient or pharmacy to order prescriptions from the doctors surgery every month or two months. The pharmacy will know when the last authorised prescription has been issued to the patient, and will inform the patient that a review is due.


If you would like to use the Electronic Prescription Service:

  • You will need to "nominate" a pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically. You can ask a member of staff in the pharmacy to arrange this, or a member of staff in the surgery.
  • You can then continue to order your prescriptions in the usual way, but instead of a paper prescription being collected by you or your pharmacy, the prescription will be sent to the pharmacy electronically.
  • Electronic repeat dispensing will not usually be set up straight away. If appropriate, your GP will set this up when your medicines are next reviewed; e.g., after your annual check.
  • You should try to ensure that on most occasions you collect your prescriptions from your nominated Pharmacy. However, if you don’t wish to use your nominated Pharmacy for a particular prescription, just make sure you let the doctors surgery know when you request the prescription. For example if you wish to collect a prescription from the surgery reception, or a different pharmacy.
  • Nomination is very flexible and can be cancelled at any time by asking a member of staff at the pharmacy or the surgery.
  • Brent Pharmacy is able to receive prescriptions sent electronically from any doctors surgeries in the UK that have the Electronic Prescription Service. However, please note we do not order repeat prescriptions from doctors surgeries outside of Brentford.

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